Samsung patents method to measure your body fat using a mobile device

Samsung patents method to measure your body fat using a mobile device
Next time you are bragging about your low body fat percentage, you might be able to prove it by whipping out your smartphone. Samsung has received a patent for a method that measures body fat using four sensors placed inside the screen cover of a phone case. Based on diagrams included with the patent, users will grip the sensors with their hands to obtain a reading.

The technology involved, according to the patent, results in the sensors "acquiring the object’s impedance information on the basis of the intensify of the input current and the intensity of the measured voltage; and acquiring the object’s body fat information on the basis of the impedance information."

If Samsung can get the sensors to provide accurate body fat information, it is another fitness data point that can be captured by today's mobile devices. In a few years, turning on your smartphone might be able to save you a trip to the doctor. At the very least, it might help you win some bets at the bar related to your body fat.

The initial filing was made in March, 2014 and credits four inventors living in Korea.

source: WIP via VenureBeat, AndroidAuthority


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