Samsung isn't planning to release the Focus S, or a variant of it, outside of the US?

Samsung isn't planning to release the Focus S, or a variant of it, outside of the US?
Call it a rarity, or something else, but it’s not that often that the US is left claiming a top-notch device to itself – especially when there are plenty of devices overseas that never get released stateside. And boy does it feel good to be AT&T customer right now seeing that they have the option of picking up the snazzy Samsung Focus S, which is one of our favorite Windows Phone Mango devices to date.

Well, if you’ve been eying the device, but live outside of the US, there’s some bad news that might not make you happy at all. Specifically, it seems as though Samsung has no plans to bring a variant of the Focus S, or an equivalent model of some sort, outside of the US.

Isabelle Rojanathara, Samsung’s head of telecommunications products in France, mentioned the grim news during an interview. Needless to say, it’s unfortunate considering that it’s a lovely looking Windows Phone, and possibly one of the best out right now. Instead, those itching to experience a Windows Phone from Samsung’s camp will have to settle for the Samsung Omnia W (the Focus Flash in the US). Yes, it’s a decent device, but lacks the awe-inspiring presence that comes along with the Focus S.

Of course, there are going to be many hearts broken by this news, but hey, you never know what Samsung will pull under its sleeves instead. With CES around the corner, we may potentially hear about some juicier Samsung made Windows Phone, so at least we have some hope in that.

source: monwindowsphone (translated) via WMPoweruser

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