Samsung isn't making a phone for Facebook, but the two companies may build VR devices together

Samsung isn't making a Facebook phone, but the two companies may build VR devices together
Yesterday, we told you that Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg had met with Samsung execs in South Korea to talk about future collaborations. One of the rumors regarding the meeting had it that Samsung could be making a Facebook phone. Yes, another Facebook phone, despite the fact that the one manufactured by HTC (called HTC First) and released last year was a major flop - because, although everyone uses Facebook, no one seems to be wanting a Facebook-centric phone.

As it turns out, Samsung and Facebook don’t plan to work on smartphones. Instead, according to The Korea Times, Zuckerberg's visit to Korea was related to VR (virtual reality) devices. Reportedly, a Samsung official said that the company might be making “VR-embedded devices from Facebook's designs, software drawing and content.” That sounds a bit ambiguous, but it’s all we’ve got at the moment.

Samsung already announced a virtual reality device: the Gear VR (pictured above), a head-mounted device that may be launched this December. Interestingly, the Gear VR is made in collaboration with Oculus - which, by the way, was bought by Facebook earlier this year.

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