Samsung goes to prison: Rikers Island inmates score custom Galaxy Tab S2 slates


Imagine you are at Rikers Island, New York City's main jail complex, and longing for some connection with the world, be it digital and tablet-like. That's exactly what Christopher Grewe, the CEO of American Prison Data Systems (APDS) has imagined, and came up with a solution. The company apparently got a good deal on a bunch of Galaxy Tab S2 slates from Samsung, as it created rugged enclosures for them, loaded the tablets with prescreened software and special browsers, and intends to distribute them among inmates. 

The prisoners will be able to prep for their court hearings, read books, or do some education and vocational training sessions on the tablets, and that's the whole premise. Internet connection trickles down to the slates via Verizon's 4G network, rather than Wi-Fi, which is switched off for security purposes, but still, this is better than nothing. APDS claims that they stopped their sights on Android, as it was much easier to customize than, say, iOS-driven tablets, that is why they are putting Samsung in prison.

source: Greenbot via SamMobile

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