Samsung’s foldable Galaxy Z Flip clears last hurdle before its official launch

Samsung’s foldable Galaxy Z Flip has been cleared by the FCC weeks before official launch
For better or worse, one of the most interesting devices to be released this year was leaked to oblivion long before its official reveal. We’re talking about the Galaxy Z Flip, formerly known as the Galaxy Blossom.

Unlike the Galaxy Fold, this device will have a display that bends horizontally, turning it from a regular-sized smartphone into a compact device you can slip in your pocket without worries.

Proving that the launch of the Z Flip is imminent are documents on the FCC’s website that show the phone has passed the administration’s approval process and is allowed to go on sale in the States.

Spotted by SamMobile, the documents only use the Galaxy Z Flip’s internal code name, but we know from previous leaks which device it correspondents to.

With the addition of the foldable phone, Samsung is expected to announce four devices during its February 11 Unpacked event. The rest of the lineup we’re also quite familiar with: Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra, which have been thoroughly leaked as well.

The Galaxy Z Flip will be in a class of its own, for obvious reasons, and might become the first foldable smartphone we’ll spot regularly in the wild. The Galaxy Fold is still more of a unicorn despite Samsung claiming to have sold more than 200,000 units.

The only challenger to the Z Flip, for the time being, is Motorola’s new Razr. The Razr will have at least a 5-day head start when it comes to availability but the question is which device will have the price advantage. We know Motorola’s foldable phone will cost a whopping $1,500, but as far as the Z Flip is concerned, the price is still in the year.

While initially, rumors suggested Samsung will price it super-aggressively at about $850, more recent leaks point to a more realistic $1,400. If that turns out to be the truth, Samsung will not only have the Razr undercut by $100, but have it beat when it comes to specs as well. The Galaxy Z Flip will have the Snapdragon 855 while the Razr sports the midrange-ish Snapdragon 710.

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The first battle of the foldables will begin next month and we can’t wait to see what blows the two phones will exchange.

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