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Samsung exlains why the display on the Samsung Galaxy S5 is so good

Samsung exlains why the display on the Samsung Galaxy S5 is so good
The Samsung Galaxy S5 has received high praise for its display. DisplayMate called it the best performing smartphone display that it has ever tested.On Wednesday, Samsung explained some of the technology that makes the display so good. For example, the screen eliminates excessive glare, the bane of all smartphone users, by constantly analyzing the display under changing lighting conditions. In addition the Super AMOLED screen produces 1.6 higher Ambient Color Gamut than LCD, which means that glare is not an issue when looking at the screen on a bright, sunny afternoon. Super dimming allows users to view their phone in the dark without getting eyestrain from a too-bright screen. You can view how the screen adjusts in the demo below.

Galaxy S5 Visibility and Adapt Display Demo

The Adapt Display changes the screen based on the surrounding lighting. For example, under blue-tinted lights, a normal screen looks yellow as your eyes adjust. Not with Adapt Display, which makes the screen look normal no matter what the surrounding lighting. This can be seen in the image below.  

Galaxy S5 Visibility and Adapt Display Demo 2
Two factors determine how vivid your screen is. One is the color gamut, and the other is contrast. Luckily for Samsung Galaxy S5 owners, the color gamut of a Super AMOLED screen is 1.4 times larger than what is found on a TFT LCD display. The contrast is 77 times higher than a TFT LCD screen. Samsung says that the Galaxy S5 can produce "richer and brighter" images that what is found on competitor's handsets.

Lastly, the Samsung Galaxy S5 screen has the fastest response time in the industry with a .01ms reading. That means the display does not lag, under all temperature conditions.

Those of you with the phone probably don't care about the technology involved. You're just happy with how sharp and lifelike the images are on the screen. But just in case you were wondering, these are a few of the features that Samsung says it is employing on this year's version of its flagship phone.

source: Samsung
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