Samsung exec email from 2010 says "recognize the standard" set by the iPhone, but don't copy it

A Samsung exec email from 2010 says learn from Apple, but don't copy it
Samsung added a 2010 executive email to its "benchmarking" argument yesterday, intended to prove that it was just studying and evaluating the competition, as every company does, as opposed to deliberately trying to copy the iPhone's design and software on the runup to the first Galaxy S, which Apple claims.

The email was sent to Samsung's UX team, where most of the soul-searching has been going on, as we showed you in our "chaebol" article, since the Koreans were honestly acknowledging they are not worried about the hardware, but are lacking in the software department.

Samsung's chief designer Sungsik Lee circulated the email in March, before the Galaxy S hit the shelves in June of 2010, pointing out what the iPhone does better:
This email was presented at the end of Terry Musika's cross examination by Samsung - an accountant Apple's legal team brought to justify the $2.5-$2.7 billion charges Apple is demanding from the Koreans for patent infringement.

via CNET

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