Samsung buys Liquavista to use its technology in transparent and e-paper displays

Samsung buys Liquavista to use its technology in transparent and e-paper displays
Rumors that Samsung is interested in the Dutch e-reader display company Liquavista have been swirling around since last summer. Well, now that the buyout is a fact, what can we expect from Sammy? In a nutshell, Liquavista uses the so-called electrowetting technology to produce e-reader displays, which are capable to show colors and play video. Last time we checked, the guys managed to also make it flexible.

The technology allows for response times 70 times faster than existing e-paper, which paved the way for color video reproduction, and is also able to draw just 10% of the energy that the current generation utilizes, thanks to the low-frequency operation. Not bad, and obviously much better than what Samsung's own e-paper R&D managed to achieve, since they almost ditched the research in that direction, focusing on LCD and AMOLED displays instead.

There will be other synergies too - Liquavista's electrowetting technology can be applied by Sammy's existing LCD lines with only slight modifications, so it will come out even cheaper. Samsung plans to use the technology in its future e-paper and transparent displays. Have a look at the video below, which demos the top-notch sunlight visibility and color reproduction of Liquavista's creation.

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