Samsung breaks R&D spending records, invests $14 billion in new tech

Samsung Makes Largest R&D Investment in History, Even with Last Year's Bad Performance
Samsung Electronics has received its yearly audit, and the results released the other day show a breathtaking amount of research and development spending. How much? Well, how do $13.8 billion sound to you, almost three times as much as Apple invests here. Yep, that jaw-dropping amount has been ploughed into everything - from new memory tech and factories to make it, through flexible AMOLED displays, to state-of-the-art mobile chipset production. 

Naturally, a sizable chunk has gone into developing the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, too, and, judging by our hands-on experience with the devices, Samsung might just have a return on that investment this year. 

The $13.8 billion R&D amount accounts for the whopping 7.4% of Samsung's total sales, rising 3.7% compared to the previous year, despite a 10% drop in overall sales. The increased R&D sum came from cutting marketing expenditures, meaning that Samsung is bunkering down for some exciting product launches ahead, too.

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