Samsung announces new Wi-Fi standard

Samsung announces new Wi-Fi standard
Samsung has announced a new, zippier Wi-Fi standard. The tech titan's 60GHz Wi-Fi technology transmits data at 4.6Gbps, or 575MB per second. That is a five-fold increase from the current speeds of 866Mbps, or 108MB per second that is available with today's Wi-Fi standard. With the faster speeds, a 1GB movie takes less than three seconds to transfer between devices.

Samsung was able to rid the network of co-channel interference regardless of the number of devices that are using it at the same time. Additionally, the 60GHz technology has suffered from having weak-penetration capabilities and path loss, resulting in signals that were too weak to be used by any device. According to the company, it was able to get around this problem by using a specific circuit design and a "beam forming antenna." Samsung said it was also able to develop a method that allows multiple devices to connect to a network simultaneously.

Once the 60GHz band is commercialized, Samsung hopes to use this Wi-Fi standard for telecommunications, no doubt offering it on future handsets. It also plans on employing the network for audio visual and medical devices as well as for products related to the Samsung Smart Home.

source: Samsung via SamMobile, SammyHub

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