Samsung and Google to announce Nexus Two?

Samsung and Google to announce Nexus Two?
Google and Samsung are at the center of this rumor coming straight out of left field that claims they will be announcing the Nexus Two running Android 2.3 at a press conference on November 8th.

If this rumor holds water, then this is truly something that nobody expected. The original Nexus One may have been dubbed the true “Google Phone,” but the fact of the matter is that HTC was the phones manufacturer. The device didn’t sell as expected, as it was only available online. It never reached the retail channels that Google claimed it would eventually. The phone was even slated to hit Sprint and
Verizon but was shelved when similar (and more impressive) Android handsets hit the market.

If this will be the first Android phone to run on 2.3, then this should be a phone worth some serious attention. This very well could be the software branded Gingerbread, even though other rumors had it as version 2.5 or even 3.0. The rumor also says that the phone will be coming to multiple networks.

So to summarize, the Nexus Two is supposedly going to be produced by Samsung. Any of you Galaxy S users out there pissed? I mean, you guys are still on 2.1 at the moment, although 2.2 is surely around the corner. Then again, this is a rumor so it could turn out to be just a crock. But hey, November 8th is only a week and a half away. Tell us what you think down below, and let the rumor mill start churning.

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2. SHY2PAPA007 unregistered

I just hope this will be the phone i am am looking for!!!

3. Pavan D unregistered

Hey come on. Please.... It has hardly been 2 months since I bought Samsung Galaxy S and now this? How much do these companies want to tempt people with constantly giving better phones man in a very short duration !!!!! God.

4. A Display Named is required. unregistered

"Any of you Galaxy S users out there pissed?" i think thats so unprofessional to say.

5. jojoallen unregistered

@pavan d ....yeah i knoo all phones are like that tho...the galaxy s has been out for about 5 months i was gonna get it but i knew that 5 months in techonology is about 17 years in real life lol so i waited until a new phonee was gonna get released...and hopefully this is it.

6. ldjkd unregistered

I cant stand em like bricks then dont make em user friendly..just pack em with "crap"..LG much better

7. Linda unregistered

Can't keep track of all these phones that they're releasing. Do we really need upgrades every 2 months? Yes, if I am a Samsung Galaxy S owner, I'd be pissed. Why do they do this. I prefer Apple's approach of releasing 1 phone a year and release software updates for bug fixes. Android is becoming a joke. It's so fragmented that it's starting to become confusingly frustrating for users.

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