Samsung acquires cloud provider Joyent: is the Korean giant planning something big?

Samsung acquires cloud provider Joyent: is the Korean giant planning something big?
Samsung Electronics today announced that it is acquiring U.S.-based public and private cloud provider Joyent. With this acquisition, Samsung will finally have its own cloud platform to use across its devices and for its future IoT ambitions.

As smart devices have conquered the world, and with companies now making a push towards IoT, cloud computing has become one of the fundamental pillars of providing a seamless experience across platforms. Samsung is envisioning to use Joyent's Triton container-as-a-service platform and Manta object storage technologies as the server-side foundation for a new generation of mobile- and IoT-based applications. Samsung has agreed to keep Joyent's platform open source.

Interestingly enough, the acquisition comes shortly after rumors were spread that Samsung might be shifting its focus more towards its proprietary operating system Tizen, in order to decrease its dependance on Android. If the Korean technology giant is really gearing for a shift towards a new ecosystem, then it would need its own cloud computing solution as well. It might just be a coincidence, but Samsung smight well be preparing to compete on a whole new level with the big players. Thinking of it like that, maybe Samsung didn't just want a slice of the mobile payment system pie with Samsung Pay. The company might be looking at things in broader terms and just testing its own proprietary services on foreign territory with the intent to bring them home eventually.

Samsung will become an anchor tenant for Joyent's Triton and Manta solutions, but the cloud service provider will continue to operate as a standalone company under Samsung.

source: Samsung via Android Central

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