Samsung Wave S8500 making a splash on Vodafone UK starting June 1st

Samsung Wave S8500 making a splash on Vodafone UK starting June 1st
Catching a decent wave on a surf board can be mighty difficult as you'd expect that there is a lot of talent involved in doing so, but Samsung's Wave S8500 can be caught much more easily and very soon. We knew that Vodafone UK would be one of the wireless carriers to start offering the bada powered Samsung Wave, but now it looks like it'll officially launch on June 1st to an awaiting audience expected to take hold of the decent handset. To even sweeten the deal, Vodafone UK is making it easier for just about anyone to get their hands on this handset seeing that it's being made available for free on monthly plans that are at least £25 per month. If you're serious about this handset, then we'd suggest catching a pre-order now to guarantee yourself a phone on day one of its launch.

Samsung Wave S8500 Specifications | Preview

source: Vodafone UK via SlashGear


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