Samsung Vibrant creeps its way onto T-Mobile's site as 'coming soon'

Samsung Vibrant creeps its way onto T-Mobile's site as 'coming soon'
With each passing day, time is slowly narrowing down for T-Mobile customers who've been yearning to experience a true high-end Android offering that they've desperately been starving for. Although T-Mobile was the carrier to bring Android into the game in the US, they haven't really been able to compete in the high-end spectrum – as most of them honed in on the mid-range market. However, the Samsung Vibrant has finally crawled its way out of the labs and onto T-Mobile's web site where it's being slapped with the words 'coming soon.' At this point, it's almost safe to say that July 15 is looking to be one vibrant day for the number four wireless carrier in the country as they'll be the first out of the gate to unleash a version of the Samsung Galaxy S into the US market. Aside from the all too knowing specs we've come to expect out of the classy Android handset, there is nothing else new that can be gathered from its web site. With less than a week left in the countdown, there are people already clamoring up to experience this handset when it's launched.

Samsung Vibrant Specifications | Hands-on

source: T-Mobile via TmoNews

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