Samsung Tizen reference device video leaks out

Samsung Tizen reference device video leaks out
Samsung-backed Tizen is one of a few upcoming platforms that want to make their way onto smartphones, and like others before it puts the focus on HTML5, so you don’t have to rely heavily on native apps and be a bit less dependant on developer support. Tizen recently hit version 1.0, codenamed Larkspur, and Samsung has been showing it off on a reference device.

Good news is that a video of Tizen v1.0 in action on the reference device has leaked out and now you can see how well the operating system performs and how it looks.

As to the reference device itself, it’s only that - not a final design, nor specs, but just a rough around the edges package that illustrates what the software is capable of. Still, we should mention that it sports a large screen (probably between 4.3 and 4.7 inches) with an HD resolution. The processor is a dual-core ARM one, with the clock speed set at 1.2GHz.

Tizen itself has been amalgamated with the MeeGo platform, and it has Intel’s support, so you might end up seeing x86-based Tizen phones. We’ve already mentioned the outstanding HTML5-supporting browser, and it’s also obvious that Samsung has used TouchWiz as an inspiration all over the platform.

Tizen also looks feature-rich from the get go with features like Internet tethering, something that Windows Phone lacked up until recently, and many WP phones still don’t have it. Google, Twitter and Facebook integration is also there from the get-go. Finally, the loading times and the occasional stutter shouldn’t bother you too much - we’ve underscored it’s a reference device for a reason. But with those things in mind, how do you like what you see?

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