Samsung Saga out today, with Renown next week

Samsung Saga out today, with Renown next week
This should come as no surprise, but Verizon officially launched the Samsung Saga I770 smartphone today with a 2-year contract price of $199, after $70 rebate. It features Dual-band CDMA, EVDO Rev A, Quad-band GSM for international roaming, WiFi 802.11b/g, Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro opperating system, Office applications, Opera and IE Mobile, Bluetooth, 2.55" 320x320 pixel display, 2MP camera, microSDHC support up to 16GB, and comes with a SIM card pre-installed. Included in the box is a 1300mAh battery, USB data cable, user manual with CDs, and overseas adapters for use with the wall charger. Those looking to buy one from a retail store will have to wait until Dec 1st.

At the same time, Verizon announced that the Samsung Renown U810 will be available next week, Nov 19th via the Web and Telesales for $179 after $50 rebate, but in-store sales won't begin until Dec 1st.  It is a flip phone featuring Dual-band CDMA, Quad-band GSM for international roaming, QVGA display, 2MP camera, Bluetooth, SIM card pre-installed, and microSDHC support up to 8GB. The packaging will include a standard 800mAh battery, user manual with CDs, and a wall charger with 3 adapters for overseas use.

source: Verizon Wireless



1. unregistered


2. jrcrow unregistered

umm..sweet if u like it when vzw forces you to use THEIR 3g network..umm...perhaps NOT taking off Wifi would help save the consumer (s) like $30 a month or so ;-)

3. unregistered

your right so when they need an email they can waste gas driving to a wifi spot..... my time and gas is worth more than a 1 a day.. thanks

6. unregistered

it has wifi idiot...why don't you try reading instead of just bashing on're obviously an att fanboy

9. unregistered

I really don't know what you are reading, but it clearly ... CLEARLY .... says the Saga has WiFi.

13. unregistered

i am a verizon customer and I agree with the other guy Verizon sucks..

15. unregistered

then leave...chances are its cheaper for you to leave and pay the etf than to continue to pay every single bounce!

25. unregistered

verizon is for cry baby losers who want junk phones so leave the person to his/her choice....loser

4. unregistered

hopefully they'll come out with a moderate silver or black color for this phone cause blue is not doing it for me...other than that, the phones awesome

5. unregistered

it as wifi, thats cool! but ur still spending $30/mon on data so does it matter if it has it?!

22. unregistered

Kind off, i am in college and inside the campus there is not signal so i cant get 3g. However there is WIFI on campus so i could get online

7. unregistered

ugly, it would of been nice if it was in silver or an achual normal looking color.

8. unregistered

Why does Verizon insist upon making some half-way decent phones just horrible by making them in a crappy color? Every other carrier gets the best choices for the color of the phones, and Verizon chooses to make theirs blue? There are great variations of silver/gold/black out there.. and we get blue ...

12. unregistered

I bet they didn't want to make it silver or black becuase vzw didn't want it to remind anybody of the moto Q. Too many bad feelings for that phone across all markets that sell one.

10. unregistered

Im so sick of the att turd burglers that cant read..write..or even compose there own opinion. Please take your head out of att/apples arse! Also Wifi is pointless..hence the reason it's on the iphone. The iphone needs wifi because apples 3g covers mmmm lets see 30% of usa (and thats being generous) when vzw's covers mmm 80%+! The proof is in the pudding and im not talkin about the puddin your packing fan boys!

11. unregistered

whine, whine, whine, whine...... pathetic... QQ all of you. Flat out, the saga is a cool phone. It doesn't have the typical direction pad like normal phones, it uses the same kind of technology that laptop touchpads do. You can even turn a mouse function on. Perfect for those people who are upgrading to their first PDA and can't stant that there isn't a mouse. You would almost never need to use a stylus, even though it has that option for those already familiar with WinMo. Just b/c the color is blue, it shouldn't stop you from buying a phone. What if you didn't like black, or silver, or white? There are these very inexpensive things called sticker skins, or silicones cases if you want to change the color. Personally, I like the blue color, it is actually much darker in person, almost a navy blue. So grow the F*** up and stop crying about it. Your precious iGarbage device requires a data plan, too. Go cry about that.

14. unregistered

yes iphone does but theres is worth having verizon is trash...I have been with them for ten years I know..Wish I could switch but over years I have put most of family and friends on why dont you grow up little baby who takls big but it is easy on net be a man and let other people have their say..

19. unregistered

lol, the "Igarbage" requires atleast a $25 data package your vzw smartphones, require atleast $30 data package, idiot. aww, you almost sounded smart for a sec.

24. unregistered

what 25 dollar data package? the one they require is $30 dollars a month.

16. unregistered

Wish it would have had a led flash and a different color. From what I see from the specs the battery life is better than my blackberry curve

17. tflex

Posts: 146; Member since: Oct 24, 2008

Nice phone.....NOT!!!!!

18. unregistered

I really like the looks of the phone, and the specs and features look great. Combine that with Verizon's great coverage area, and I think we'll have a real winner here. I ordered one yesterday, I'll post comments after I get to use it next week.

20. unregistered

HA HA!!! Don't matter anyways! It requires a $29.99/month data feature as of Nov. 14th! So all you people who want to a "calculator," "organizer," "calander," or "Outlook Push Service" can get bent and leave!!!! No more having your cake and eating it too! No more credits for you losing your WiFi connection and getting charged for using our data service! No more credits since you didn't heed or warning of accidently accessing the data service! What a happy day for VZW!!!! LOL

21. unregistered

You seem to be harboring some deep feelings of anger. Hope you can put whatever your bad Verizon experience was behind you some day. Good luck.

23. unregistered

Can anyone tell me whether it matters if you get a wi-fi enabled phone vs. one without since Verizon makes you buy the data plan anyway? I like the Storm but it has no wi-fi. The Saga does, and I like it as well, but I wonder if it makes any difference in light of the data plan you have to buy.

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