Samsung Rogue missing from Verizon's August rebate form

Verizon's August Rebate Form
Verizon's new Rebate Form is out and lists the rebate amounts for purchases from August 2nd through September 7th. Missing from the list is the Samsung Rogue U960, which is an update to the Glyde, and was rumored to be released on August 15th. Just because it isn't on the current August form doesn't mean it won't be out on the 15th, as Verizon could always "update" the form later (we've seen this happen in the past).  Also, the rebate amounts on the LG enV Touch, Versa, Dare, and Motorola Krave have changed to $100. But more interesting than that is the Verizon site has the Versa listed for $179 (after $100 rebate), which is more expensive than the enV Touch and most other Smartphones at $99.

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