New Samsung Max app saves data, protects your privacy

New Samsung Max app saves data, protects your privacy
Samsung just announced an Android app made with two goals in mind: to let you browse more and to help you do it more safely. It is called Samsung Max and it can be downloaded today from the Google Play store.

How does Samsung Max work? One of the app's primary functions is to reduce the amount of data you consume without this hurting the experience. It can compress web pages, photos and media that you access through the web browser or other apps -- you get the same content delivered to your screen, but it takes less megabytes to do so. Additionally, the app can point out data-hungry apps and will let you cut off their consumption if you wish to.

Furthermore, Samsung Max can encrypt your data when it is sent through non-secure Wi-Fi networks. Tracker blocking and DNS masking features make accessing the web a safer experience, be it over mobile or your home's wireless network.

Samsung Max will be offered as a free app starting today, February 23, and it will replace the Opera Max service. Those already using the latter can expect to be updated to Samsung's experience. As far as compatibility goes, Samsung Max is confirmed to run on Samsung Galaxy J and Samsung Galaxy A smartphones, though it seems safe to assume that Galaxy S phones would be compatible with the service as well. Non-Galaxy phones, however, need not apply.

source: Samsung



1. cmdacos

Posts: 4220; Member since: Nov 01, 2016

Interesting. Is available on Note8 as I downloaded it but it is ad based and I'm already using Google's Datally which does similar data management without the ads (although still capturing my anonymized ad data in the background through their vpn I'm sure). Much rather use Google's implementation.

2. gniewko97

Posts: 8; Member since: Jan 17, 2017

It's ad-based so they can keep it free, the premium mode is with ads. This is only on Samsung phones, not on any other phone.

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