Samsung Gleam and Motorola Z6tv come tomorrow, Juke gets price

Samsung Gleam and Motorola Z6tv come tomorrow, Juke gets price
As we previously told you, the Samsung Juke SCH-U470 will be available for Pre-Order on Oct 9, and will have a Release Date of Oct 19. Today, we found out that Pricing will be $99.99 with a 2-year Contract (with no rebate), since the phone has made an appearance on the Verizon's Testman web site.

The Juke has 2GB of Internal Memory, and does not have a MicroSD card slot. Because of this, the phone does come equipped with a USB Cable to transfer music. It is capable of playing back MP3, WMA, WMA Pro, and unprotected ACC and ACC+ music files. Other features include a 128x200 pixel TFT Display, VGA Camera, Get-it Now, VZ Navigator, and Bluetooth. EV-DO is not supported. The Juke measures 3.82"H x 1.18"W x 0.83"D and has a weight of 2.82 oz.

Even though not one of the 4 "holiday phones" that Verizon has been marketing, the Samsung Gleam SCH-U700 also appeared on the Verizon Testman site today. The Gleam is a flip phone that features a 240x320 Pixel 262K QVGA internal display, 2MP Camera, MP3 and WMA Music Playback with front touch-sensitive controls, Stereo speakers, MicroSD Card Slot supporting up to 4GB, VCast Video & Music, VZ Navigator, and Bluetooth. The dimensions of the phone are 3.88"H x 1.91"W x 0.55"D and has a weight of 3.35 oz.

The Gleam is expected to go on sale this Oct 5th, with a Price of $149.99 on a 2 year contract (after a $50 mail in rebate).

The Motorola RIZR Z6tv is the newest phone in to the Verizon line-up that support the VCast Mobile TV MediaFLO Service.

This allows you to view Live Streaming TV, while in a Mobile TV coverage area.The Z6tv is a "slider" phone, featuring a 2" 240x320 Pixel 65K color QVGA display, 2MP Camera, VCast Mobile TV, VCast Music & Video, VZ Navigator, MicroSD Card support up to 2GB, MP3 music playback, and Bluetooth. The phone measures (closed) 4.20"H x 1.8"W x 0.64"D and has a weight of 3.70 oz.

Expect the Motorola RIZR Z6tv to go on sale Oct 5, along side the Samsung Gleam, with a Price of $179 on a 2 Year Contract (after $50 mail in rebate).



1. Shawn unregistered

These phones are obsolete. Gimme me a break Verizon. Is this the best you can do?

2. David unregistered

Some Verizon exec heads should roll for this miserable marketing campaign -- say it's the network, and save money by purchasing bulk crap phones. They have the nerve to actually hype this rubbish like it was something special?

3. OMFG unregistered

verizon doesnt seem to kno that PEOPLE ARE WAITING FOR THE xv6800 and the i760, not no juke, gleam, or rizrTV

4. Sinfulta unregistered

What are all you guys talking about? I agree with elgee. These are for mass consumers who want something that looks nice and stays in there pocket. It has no reason to be compared to a PDA. I have customers everyday since the image of the Juke showed on Verizon Website asking about it. the Rizr I will agree is long in the tooth , but it's all about options. And options is what Verizon is providing.

5. unregistered

the phone gets REalese on 10/19

6. unregistered

Yeah for those who can't tell the differance form a cell phone and smartphone/pda these are not them. There is only one of the four 'next' phones the perl is anything close that needs a data pack. And for those of you who can't keep your pants on to wait for the I760 when it is out it will be 399.99 2yr and 449.99 for 1yr full retail is 519.99 happy. NO there is no date, so chill out if you want it wait if you can't wait get something else. They are only phones people.

7. unregistered

oct 19th can get the i760 online....nov 2nd can get at store/customer service.....happy.

8. Poting_number_from_Verzion unregistered

Obviously elgee02 works for Verizon. Just read all of the post this person has written. Back to the phones. Come on Verizon. I have been waiting for the 6800 for almost a year now. AT&T has the next generation phone to the 6800 out now, and if these post are right, a lot less than that piece of crap i760. How can you have the best network, but not the hardware that can take advantage of it? I'm porting my number when my contract expires this month.

9. unregistered

Just be aware.... there is a reason ATT is no longer saying the fewest dropped calls.........they are dropping left and right. So if you rather be with a network who doesn’t test everything before we sale it and spend over 4million on the network a year oh and are first to natural disasters like the fires in cali/ 911/ Katrina giving free phones then by all means port away. Have fun with the network holding on by a thread. Verizon man not be the first to pop out these great phones, but they make sure the equipment works and if id has issues they replace the phones, now you can even replace the phone if you broke it lost it had it stolen w/ an upgrade EARLY.

10. Lauren unregistered

I'm right with you. I ported my number for the same reason. Verizon is too arrogant to think people will keep accepting what they give us, not to mention they cripple phones, nickle and dime you for everything, and make you buy a new car charger for every phone so they can make more money. I can't even get a belt clip with the phone from Verizon anymore. You have to pay for that too. I got the Tilt from AT&T and I love it. It'll take Verizon until 2010 to come out with the same phone.

11. walkre2 unregistered

Known of you seem to have a clue about wireless. AT&T have to launch products before they're ready because their network is crap. All their marketing is based on a product, not a quality for real 3G network. AT&T hypes their products and lets their customers beta test for them. When Verizon launches a product it's right the 1st time.

12. walkre2 unregistered

Wow I read back thru all the prior posts and cant believe that anyone still thinks that AT&T is any good. Dropped calls, static on every call, 3G network that offers dial-up speed downloads! AT&T has to launch cool stuff 1st because the service sucks so bad. Besides the crappy network, AT&T is going to rush a not completely tested handset to market time and again (anyone remeber the original Moto Razr, the iPhone?) and over charge for it. Wow thats a company that really cares about their customers. These posts just show how idiotically impulsive the U.S. consumer has become- they would rather buy crap and settle for lousy service instead of waiting for quality.

13. iphone unregistered

I got the iphone and couldn't be happier. Verizon skipping on the iphone was the biggest mistake ever.

14. unregistered

So how many of you iphoen buyers plan on or already have the new ipod? which dose everything your iphone dose only isn't on a bad network? talk about wasting money. Least with other networks you have internal memorie and ext so you can have over 32g of cards of memorie ..... hum wast of money?

15. walkre2 unregistered

Verizon made a smart choice by turning down the iPhone. It's nothing but a fancy toy that does everything about half right. Looks cool, but crap functinality. I checked my a couple of local AT&T dealers and none of their sales rep carried the iPhone. I asked why and they said it was a P.O.S. Apple who's never made a wireless handset before is going to market the iPhone and get it right the 1st time. Steve Jobs is going to control the development and marketing and keep the wireless carrier out of the loop??? What was AT&T's why Verizon turned it down to start with. Now look at all the chumps that forked over $5-600 and now Apple is releasing the new iTouch. Again I'm amazed at all the idiots that would rather buy crap than quality. I guess I'll be shopping eBay this christmas to see how many idiots are dumping their "I just had to have it" iPhone.

16. gini unregistered

Those phones look good!!! BUT I would never trade in my iPhone for any of those. The iPhone is the best buy I have ever made!! I no longer have to carry my iPod and phone around because it is the same thing!! At first I was turned off by the iPhone because of the hype and the price, but once you get past that you will see just WHY it was so hyped and worth the price. It might just be because I am in the DC area, but I have bars EVERYWHERE. My boyfriend has verizon and we always compete to who has more bars and I always win! People who are bashing the iPhone should really try testing it out for a week and you will most likely become an apple and at&t fan!!! PLUS you can finally have a nice looking UI and not a nasty red and white one.

17. cheeze unregistered

To all of you complaining about these phones are stupid. phones come out in different series these are low end phones that give people a lot for there money for those people who don't want to pay 400 dollars for a music phone it gives them a 2 gb mp3 player for less than a 2gb I pod and does it in an all in one device Verizon is doing a great job on there phones. As for you looking for the PDA's they will be coming and for you with I phones the new voyager is going to be the I phone killer because it will do everything the I phone does plus more and at faster speeds plus give a full keyboard

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