Samsung Gear VR deal brings discounts, free VR content to Europe

Samsung Gear VR deal brings discounts, free VR content to Europe
Like so many other companies right now, Samsung's betting big on virtual reality becoming an important selling point for mobile hardware, but convincing shoppers to take the plunge on VR is a little bit more complicated than simply believing in it yourself. Samsung's so convinced that VR has the power to win over its users that the company's been making a significant investment in getting its Gear VR headsets out to as many consumers as possible – and we just saw the manufacturer hand out loads of free Gear VR units to new Galaxy S7 owners. While that promotion may be over, Samsung's still very interested in getting the word out about its VR hardware, and today announces a new offer that looks to discount the headset across Europe.

That's right: sadly, we're not talking about free Gear VR headsets any longer, and while nothing's going to beat that deal, a Gear VR for less than full price doesn't sound half bad, either.

Samsung's giving new Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge owners in Europe the opportunity to also pick up the company's VR viewer for what it's calling "a special price." Just how special a price - or maybe more to the point, at how much of a discount?

Well, with a lot of local markets throughout Europe involved in this promotion, as well as a number of carrier and retailer partners, the specific details are a little complicated, and both the exact nature of this discount, as well as the just how long this offer will be around for can vary depending upon where you are. That means you're definitely going to want to check twice before picking up a new Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge to make sure the price sounds right for the Gear VR bundle in your neck of the woods.

But no matter where you take advantage of this deal, you're going to come away with a few freebies, including a number of free games and other VR content from the Oculus Store.

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Samsung notes that it's already sold some 300,000 Gear VR viewers to smartphone owners in Europe – and that's only so far this year. Will this promo help push that number over the half-a-million mark? Well, you tell us: if you're about to pick up a new Galaxy S7, will you be taking Samsung up on its offer?

source: Samsung

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