Samsung Gear Circle is a headset that will vibrate when you have a notification

It seems that not all wearables have to try to do everything. We've known that for a while, of course. It's one reason the Pebble is still considered one of the best smartwatches around. However, it is an idea that took a bit of time for Samsung to come to terms with, but maybe it has figured it out with the Samsung Gear Circle, which is a slight shift on what a Bluetooth headset can be.

There isn't too much different about it. It's a Bluetooth headset that can handle calls, and works with S Voice for verbal commands. There are other options that can get you that. However, there aren't too many options when it comes to stereo Bluetooth headsets with built-in vibration for when you have a notification on your phone. There are a couple LG headsets that will do that, but that's about it. The Samsung Gear Circle will also use text-to-speech with S Voice to speak your notifications to you. The device is also said to have "intuitive touch controls", but it is unclear exactly what that would mean beyond the usual options for volume, play/pause, and call answering. 

The Samsung Gear Circle will be available through T-Mobile and AT&T later this month. No word yet on pricing. 

source: Samsung via The Next Web



1. vesselin666

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i just got mine true Tmobile for 130$.so far its great

3. AnTuTu

Posts: 1620; Member since: Oct 14, 2012

M planning to pick my Gear S will try with that :)

2. Qawi94

Posts: 11; Member since: Jun 13, 2013

Kinda like sony sbh-80

4. wilsong17 unregistered

Hmm LG tone already do this.. how many hr does it last?

5. Mreveryphone

Posts: 1831; Member since: Apr 22, 2014

My Tone Infinum's are by far the best around the neck Bluetooth headset's I've owned. They vibrate, they have cable management and they read out text messages. The sleeper feature that no one really mentions is that you still get hd voice calls through the headphones when on a call. All other headset's revert back to regular sound when on a call. This is important to me being that I do a lot business on the phone and that extra clarity is nice. I wonder if the Samsung ones offer that feature?

6. Sauce2

Posts: 199; Member since: Oct 21, 2014


7. luis.d

Posts: 354; Member since: Dec 04, 2013

Weird Samsung at its prime *pets Xiaomi Pistons*.

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