Samsung Galaxy S7 rumored to come with magnesium alloy unibody

Samsung Galaxy S7 rumored to come with magnesium alloy unibody
With the introduction of the glass-metal Galaxy S6 line-up, Samsung introduced fundamental design and build material changes to its iconic Galaxy S smartphone series. However, according to a recent report, it looks like Samsung might be gearing up to further improve on the build quality of its high-end handsets. More to the point, a fresh report from the South Korean media claims that the Samsung Galaxy S7 will make use of a magnesium alloy unibody.

The report, quoting unnamed sources from inside Samsung's supply chain, says that Samsung recently received magnesium alloy case samples from the same company that makes the 6013 aluminum metal frame for the current-generation Galaxy S6 phones. There's reason to believe that the report is referring to a metal unibody, and not a new build material for the metal frame that goes around current-gen Galaxy S smartphones. Allegedly, the parts supplier was told to deliver a magnesium alloy with a surface as smooth as the aluminum that Apple uses on its current-gen iPhones.

Ever since Apple launched the iPhone 6 Plus last year, the related Bendgate scandal has caused multiple smartphone makers to improve on their build materials. While the iPhone 6 Plus came with 6003 aluminum, the second-generation Apple phablet, the iPhone 6s Plus, features 7000 series aluminum, which will be tougher to bend. The thing is that, if it plans to maintain the glass-metal sandwich design philosophy, Samsung really doesn't need a tougher build material for the internal frame, as this frame also gets some structural support from the glass back. Where the magnesium alloy comes into play is in the context of a metal unibody, where the outer metal case is also the structural frame of the handset.

Since magnesium alloy is tougher to bend but also lighter compared to aluminum alloys, its adoption as a build material for a unibody design would not only solve the durability issues, but could also allow for a much lighter handset overall. 

What do you guys make of this rumor? Would you be interested in a Samsung Galaxy S7 with a magnesium alloy unibody build?

source: inews24 via GforGames

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