Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Oppo N3 vs Oppo R5: specs comparison

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Oppo N3 vs Oppo R5: specs comparison
There are wild rumors and then there are wild rumors with big, bushy tails you refuse to believe until the very last minute! That rumor about Oppo announcing a sub 5-mm thin smartphone? It was one of them, and it totally came true! At a crazy 0.19 inches (4.85 mm) thin, the Oppo R5 is the skinniest handset ever produced. Lucky Gionee managed to snag the Guiness World Record on time with its Elife S5.1 smartphone, but it looks like they will have to return the award sooner than later. 

Anyway, the razor-thin Oppo R5 isn't the only gemfeat of engineering Oppo announced today. It also introduced the Oppo N3, a first of its kind smartphone with a motorized rotating camera, a multi-purpose fingerprint sensor, and lighting-fast charging. It's a very interesting device, if not one that will find mass appeal.

Did someone say mass appeal? Let the Samsung Galaxy S5 enter the stage. It's one of the best-selling Android phones in the West this year, and as Samsung's smartphone flagship, it has come to define the Android phone experience for a huge chunk of users. Comparing Oppo's forward-looking creations with Samsung's conservative, "better please everybody" product puts a wider, and interesting perspective on how different Android phones can be. What do you think?

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs OPPO N3 vs OPPO R5


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