Samsung Galaxy S5 to be joined by a metal Galaxy F in 2014?

Samsung Galaxy S5 to be joined by a metal Galaxy F in 2014?
Remember that premium F smartphone line that Samsung was rumored to work on for next year? The first handset in the new series might be called Galaxy F.

Korean website ETNews reports that Samsung has already developed a Galaxy F prototype in Europe. There isn’t much info about the new smartphone, but it’s said that it features a metal body and will stand higher than the Galaxy S5 in Samsung’s 2014 Android portfolio. Moreover, the Korean publication notes that the Galaxy F could be announced at about the same time with the S5 - possibly in March.

It’s unclear if the main difference between the Galaxy F and Galaxy S5 will be related to design only (design based on a metal construction on the former, and on a plastic body on the latter). However, assuming that their specs will be similar, the Galaxy F should be more expensive than the S5 - which, needless to say, will be quite expensive itself.

Of course, all this is pure speculation, as there’s no way of telling if Samsung indeed plans to release this alleged Galaxy F. The details revealed by ETNews do not come from official sources, but from unspecified industry insiders (which can always be wrong).

source: ETNews (translated)

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