Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Charging Test Complete: impressively quick!

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Charging Test Complete: impressively quick!
The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra comes with a fast charger in the box, but how quick is that charger really considering that it has to recharge a gigantic, 5,000mAh battery?

We have measured the Galaxy S20 Ultra charging speeds using the adapter in the box, and we came away impressed with the speed.

The adapter that you get with the Ultra is a 25-watt fast charger that uses a USB-C connection on the adapter, so you also have a USB-C to USB-C cable included with it. Finally, the future where you don't need to resort to the older USB-A standard has arrived.

So how fast does the Ultra charge up? Let's take a look...

Galaxy S20 Ultra charging speed (using the included 25-watt adapter):

  • in 15 minutes: 32%
  • in 30 minutes: 62%
  • in 45 minutes: 89%
  • in 59 minutes: fully charged (100%)!

And the full charge takes less than an hour, a truly impressive result considering the gigantic, 5,000mAh size of the battery inside the Ultra.

Using the adapter included in the box is definitely fast enough for most people, but you should know that you can get even faster charging speeds on the S20 Ultra if you purchase the separately sold 45-watt Samsung wall charger. This adapter is noticeably bigger and it is so powerful that it comes with a special, thicker cable that you need to use in order to get those super fast speeds! We did just that and here is our S20 Ultra 25-watt vs 45-watt charging speed comparison:

Galaxy S20 Ultra charging speed (using 45-watt Samsung fast charger):

in 15 minutes: 37%
in 30 minutes: 70%
in 45 minutes: 92%
in 59 minutes: fully charged (100%)!

The 45-watt fast charger pulls ahead right from the start: it gets a 37% charge in just 15 minutes, while the 25-watt charger only gets 32% in the same amount of time.

30 minutes into the test, the difference increases and you get 70% with the 45-watt charger compared to 62% using the 25-watt one. Speeds slow down towards the end of the test, and the difference between the two chargers becomes negligible at this point. And quite interestingly, both take the same time to fully charge the phone: just a minute short of 1 hour.

So yes, if you are looking for the absolute fastest charging speeds, it's worth considering purchasing the $50 45-watt Samsung fast charger, but you will only notice the difference in the early moments of the test and it's not a huge difference by any means. 

We will also be testing wireless charging speeds soon and will update the article with that score shortly!

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