Samsung Galaxy S expected to be rolled out simultaneously to 110 countries

Samsung Galaxy S expected to be rolled out simultaneously to 110 countries
Some may regard the HTC EVO 4G being the Android handset for the moment thanks to its peppy performance, but others argue that Samsung's offering can virtually out pace HTC's handset in just about most speed races – aside from 4G of course. Samsung is doing something that's not particularly normal for them by simultaneously launching the Samsung Galaxy S to 110 countries to give it a presence that could be recognized on a worldwide scale. At this point in the game, we can slowly feel the handset making an impending launch soon, but there is still no official release date given for it. However, it's expected to touch down in Asia starting in June while European operators such as Orange and Vodafone are lined up to offer the handset as well. We've heard plenty of rumors that it would launch here domestically in the US with T-Mobile, but we're also seeing how a variant is expected to grace AT&T's lineup. Naturally the Samsung Galaxy S will offer veteran Android users a taste of Samsung's take on the platform with their premier handset offering.

Samsung Galaxy S Specifications | Hands-on

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