Samsung Galaxy Note Edge gains "almost surround sound" thanks to this mod


Both of Samsung’s latest Galaxy Notes - the Note 4 and Note Edge (pictured above) - come with speakers that are situated on the rear side, which may make music and other media content sound muffled in some situations. Thankfully, someone at the XDA Developers forums has found a way to bring better sound to the Note Edge.

Thanks to a mod that activates the Note Edge’s earpiece at the same time with the rear speaker, the handset can reportedly deliver “almost surround sound.” The mod has been tested on the T-Mobile and Sprint variants of the Galaxy Note Edge, and it’s not clear if it works on other models (though it certainly might).

The developer of the mod provides four flashable ZIP packages: three for different volume levels (default, medium, and high), and one that lets you revert to the Edge’s original settings - just in case you don’t like the new sound. Everything you need to know about installing the mod can be found at XDA at the source link below. We’ll just mention that your Galaxy Note Edge needs to be rooted in order for it to work. Also, if you’re not really experienced at hacking and moding phones, perhaps you should just not try this on your Note Edge at all.

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