Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch said to be in development, could be unveiled at CES

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch said to be in development, could be unveiled at CES
Chicago once sang, "Does anybody really know what time it is, does anybody really care?" And apparently when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch, not as many people cared as expected. According to a published report out of Korea, the mixed response to its smartwatch has put Korean OEM Samsung back to square one in what is expected to be a crowded marketplace.

Hoping to capture a huge advantage over Apple by launching its smartwatch first, Samsung disappointed the masses by pairing the timepiece to only one phone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Not only has the latter not yet been released, it also is a more expensive phone. In addition, battery life on the watch is not exactly up to snuff since it can't run a full day without a charge. Those in the Korean media say that Samsung released the Gear smartwatch to test the demand for the product.

Samsung might have felt compelled to rush out the watch to beat out rival Apple and the upcoming iWatch. Apple has run into delays and has hired a number of engineers hoping to get the smartwatch to the next level of development. It is expected that the iWatch won't see the light of day until the middle of 2014.

Speculation has the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 equipped with GPS capabilities to offer location data, and could be compatible with all Android smartphones. The sequel to the Gear watch could be unveiled as soon as CES 2014 this January in Las Vegas or at MWC 2014 the following month.

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source: TechKiddy

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