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  • Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) battery life test shows some interesting results

Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) battery life test shows some interesting results

Posted: , by Victor H. Victor H.

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The Galaxy A3 (2017) is Samsung's new and smallest member of the affordable A series. A 4.7-inch phone with tiny bezels, it's smaller than an iPhone 7 (yet not quite in iPhone SE territory), but still packs some impressive features like a stylish glass-and-metal design, IP 68 water protection, the new Samsung interface and more.

The new A3 also packs a 2,350 mAh battery, which may sound small, but let's not forget that this phone has an HD display and features Samsung's new and more power efficient Exynos 7870 system chip. With all the excellent news about the battery life on the Galaxy A5 (2017), we were naturally curious to find out more about battery life on this cute new A3.

We have run our custom battery test that puts all phones at equal conditions: the screen is set to the same brightness level (200 nits, comfortable for indoor use) and the test measures typical smartphone performance.

Despite its small battery, the new A3 (2017) lasts a very long time

Good news is that the A3 (2017) not only passed it with excellence: it was among the longest lasting phones we've ever tested. This little phone is a true battery beast, despite its fairly compact sizes. It scores 11 hours and 4 minutes, nearly 10% better than its predecessor and practically on par with the A5 (2017). This is an outstanding score: the Galaxy S7 gets only 6 hours and 37 minutes and even longer lasting flagship phones like the Google Pixel and iPhone 7 do not get more than 8 hours on our test.

Galaxy A3 (2017) battery life test

Battery life (hours)
Higher is better
Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) 11h 4 min (Excellent)
Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016) 10h 8 min (Excellent)
Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) 11h 9 min (Excellent)
Samsung Galaxy S7 6h 37 min (Average)
Apple iPhone 7 7h 46 min (Good)
Apple iPhone SE 7h 41 min (Good)
Google Pixel 7h 45 min (Good)
Honor 8 9h 7 min (Excellent)
OnePlus 3T 5h 41 min (Average)
View all

We can congratulate Samsung for squeezing out so much out of a 2,350 mAh battery: that is due not only to the great hardware, but also to the proper software customizations in the new Grace interface. You can also select various power efficiency settings and further optimize this performance easily with Samsung's new battery tools.

Galaxy A3 (2017) recharge time test

Charging time (minutes)
Lower is better
Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) 112
Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016) 112
Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) 91
Samsung Galaxy S7 88
Apple iPhone 7 141
Apple iPhone SE 155
Google Pixel 119
Honor 8 98
OnePlus 3T 85
View all

Not the fastest charging phone, but not slow either

Another important aspect of the battery experience on a phone is the recharge time, or how much it takes the phone to go from 0 to a fully charged, 100% battery. While the A3 (2017) does not ship with Samsung's powerful Adaptive Fast charge wall plug, it does not need to because of the smaller battery. The new A3 charges its battery fully in a little less than 2 hours: it's a little slower to charge than Samsung's new A5, but is actually faster than phones like the Google Pixel, which is a good place to be.

Overall, the new Galaxy A3 (2017) is definitely a remarkable little thing when it comes to battery life and charge times: it lasts long and recharges fast, this is definitely one of the phone's strong sides.

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posted on 10 Mar 2017, 04:59 1

1. Clars123 (Posts: 948; Member since: 16 Mar 2015)

the new A-series kills it in Battery endurance..hopefully the flagships (the ones that really matter) get worked on accordingly

posted on 10 Mar 2017, 05:27

2. salami1980 (Posts: 47; Member since: 27 Dec 2016)

But the battery is NOT replaceable, so after few months this result will change, and If you thought to change the battery that will be another headache.

posted on 10 Mar 2017, 06:38

3. GreenMan (Posts: 1884; Member since: 09 Nov 2015)

I'm sure that The S7 will surpass that on lower resolution...

You can tweak the screen resolution on The S7, remember...?

I've said it before and shall say it again that high resolution displays are absolutely worthless for day to day usage... My Lumia 430 has a 480p display with ~200PPI and it's absolutely fine, unless I'm playing the classic Angry Birds... Which is the ONLY game I play on my smartphone...

So as it stands, I don't think that BIGGER is BETTER in most scenarios... To me, SMALLER is WAY BETTER...!

Probably because I'm not an American, eh?

Oh well,


posted on 10 Mar 2017, 07:12 1

5. Tyrion_Lannister (unregistered)

PA's test purely depends on SoC and battery capacity, nothing else. See that all the SD820 devices are linearly correlated in battery endurance by their battery capacity. It doesn't matter if the device is a OP3 with 1080p display or S7 with QHD, they will have similar battery due to similar sized battery capacity and same SoC.

What I mean to say is that this test is garbage. There is no way in hell these phones last twice as long as S7 edge. Also an iPhone 7 beating S7 edge is pure joke.

posted on 10 Mar 2017, 07:39

6. joeytaylor (Posts: 933; Member since: 28 Feb 2015)

With Nougat by battery life has improved greatly on the Snapdragon S7 and I also gained about 3GB's in storage after install......I installed with over 27GB used and after install it was over 24GB

posted on 10 Mar 2017, 09:23

7. Carl3000 (Posts: 234; Member since: 11 Oct 2014)

iPhone 7 Plus has better battery life my dad has S7 Edge and he envies my 7 Plus battery life.

posted on 10 Mar 2017, 11:23

8. Tyrion_Lannister (unregistered)

I was talking about iPhone 7, not the plus.

posted on 10 Mar 2017, 13:21

9. trojan_horse (Posts: 5337; Member since: 06 May 2016)

But the iPhone 7 Plus still does not beat the S7 edge in battery life.

S7 edge scored 23 hours more than the iPhone 7 Plus in GSMArena's battery chart.

posted on 10 Mar 2017, 21:53

10. Tyrion_Lannister (unregistered)

That I won't want to argue. It depends on use case. S7 edge is better for heavy user, while iPhone is better for someone who likes more standby time.

posted on 10 Mar 2017, 07:00

4. dimas (Posts: 2540; Member since: 22 Jul 2014)

Dear PA, 2017 and battery life graph interface are still crappy for mobile viewing. Please make it more browser-friendly, thank you.

posted on 05 Jun 2017, 04:55

11. izzy91 (Posts: 1; Member since: 05 Jun 2017)

"While the A3 (2017) does not ship with Samsung's powerful Adaptive Fast charge wall plug, it does not need to because of the smaller battery. The new A3 charges its battery fully in a little less than 2 hours":

I could not disagree more with that to be honest,
I have the galaxy a3 2017 and trust me it NEEDS fast charging adapter, it does take 2 hours to charge and thats frickin long for a device that only has a 2350mah battery. So i don't know where they're getting that idea from that it doesn't need a fast charger.

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