Samsung GALAXY Note is rumored to be priced in between the Galaxy S and Galaxy S II

Samsung GALAXY Note is rumored to be priced in between the Galaxy S and Galaxy S II
As US consumers continue to wonder if the gargantuan Samsung GALAXY Note will be headed stateside, others around the world loacted in areas where it’s expected to become available are more concerned about its potential pricing.

Already, Samsung is surely saturating the market with a ton of offerings, and seeing that the Samsung Galaxy S II is just launching in the US, it begs the question how it’ll fit in terms of pricing. According to mobile guru Eldar Murtazin, the Samsung GALAXY Note is going to be priced right in the middle between the original Samsung Galaxy S and the current flagship Samsung Galaxy S II.

Although it’s still speculation at this point, it’s believed that Samsung is going to be underpricing the handset in order to establish a totally new market for these leviathan smartphones. And of course, it goes to show that Samsung is serious with its AMOLED display development, and should get plenty of treatment of some sort.

Taking its size out of the equation, the Samsung GALAXY Note is still one dreamy smartphone packing some even better hardware under the hood. So if it’s going to be priced squarely in the middle of Samsung’s two most popular Galaxy S smartphones, it might seem to be alluring enough for some people to pick up.

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