Samsung Display sees its first strike ever

Samsung Display sees its first strike ever!
Samsung Display creates some of the most advanced panels and cutting-edge display innovations. That said, no company is perfect, and we just caught a glimpse of one of the areas this one could improve.

Workers at the display manufacturer have gone on strike marking the first one in its history (h/t SamMobile). The catalyst for this turn of events is a disagreement regarding a requested wage increase. The labor union demands a base salary increase of 6.8%, but the demand got rejected by management, who offered a 4.5% increase instead.

Having had their demands denied, 40 workers at the Samsung Display plant in Asan, South Chungcheong Province, launched the strike. Just a year ago, this wouldn’t have been possible since Samsung used to be against the formation of labor unions and did not allow for any to exist.

However, in May 2020, it officially announced the “no labor union” policy will be no more. That change in company politics led to the creation of the labor union. It consists of around 2,400 workers, which translates to 10% of Samsung Display’s workforce.

Neither of the two sides wants to back down. This is an event that could pave the way for the future of the union. At the same time, it will most probably also affect the image of the Sout Korean tech giant, meaning it has to tread lightly.

But then again, it would be wrong to think that Samsung has not predicted and prepared for such events. Especially after the "Crown Prince of Samsung" Lee Jae-yong promised the company will strictly comply with labor laws and guarantee three fundamental labor rights of workers.

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Nevertheless, some think this strike might become the first domino in creating a chain reaction, setting the stage for others to follow in different parts of Samsung.

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