Samsung Captivate is tested to the limit by clocking in at a speed of 1.2GHz

Samsung Captivate is tested to the limit by clocking in at a speed of 1.2GHz
Don't say that we didn't warn you, but apparently the fun doesn't stop at the speed of 1GHz for the Samsung Captivate's Hummingbird processor. Utilized in all of the Samsung Galaxy S phones out there, the already fast CPU was tested by a couple of xda-developers forum members who managed to kick things up a notch to an even faster, but stable speed of 1.2GHz. However, things can get rather spicy when it's believed that the Hummingbird processor can achieve a mind-bending speed of 1.6GHz – where it'll most likely start to spontaneously explode and rip the fabric of space. For right now though, the speed of 1.2GHz appears to be the most optimal and tolerable speed allowed. So if you want to attempt this feat, you may want to consider the consequences of what can occur before proceeding – such as voiding your warranty or witness the handset fall under the pressure. If you dare to tango with this procedure, then click on the source link to get all the information – but don't say that we didn't warn you.

Samsung Captivate Specifications | Review

source: xda-developers via MobileCrunch


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1. networkdood

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This is true - however, I have downloaded the file and the setcpu apk and it causes some problems, such as not waking up from sleep mode and switching orientation on certain this point it can be nice, but I do not recommend that anyone permanently do this. The lag issue seems to have subsided when you download the latest i9000 rom which will still have the original stock modem, but i9000 pda and cpc files. using ODIN for that rom is quick and easy and painless. Also, there is a new SAMSUNG ROM update for AT&T stock phone that should fix the GPS issue, or just get the i9000 latest ROM. Check it out at XDA as a lot of stuff is going on with the CAPTIVATE, a very easy phone to mod and not brick. Do not fret over voiding the warranty, folks - you can easy unroot and restore the phone to original stock - I have done so 5 times. I have even brought back my phone from being a brick twice...easy stuff....again read all of the forums at search SAMSUNG CAPTIVATE.

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