Galaxy S10 may land cured from the 'screen-door' AMOLED effect in VR

As if we needed further proof that Samsung may be diving headfirst into standalone VR, as opposed to its Galaxy phone-driven Gear VR contraption, a new type of AMOLED screen is being developed specifically for VR purposes.

Samsung has filed a trademark application for "Anti SDE AMOLED" with the European Union Intellectual Property Office, where SDE stands for "screen-door effect." This phenomenon occurs on even the high-res displays of the S9 when placed into the Gear VR, and sometimes makes the content appear as if you are watching it through a mesh, comprised of the space between the individual pixels.

Now, whether Samsung is planning to introduce this technology in upcoming flagships like the Galaxy S10, or it has planted it into standalone VR screens, like the 2.43" one with crazy 3840×2160 pixels resolution it showed at the SID expo, remains to be seen. We heard not long ago that the Gear line may be ditched in favor of a Galaxy VR naming scheme, so expect more change on the virtual front from Samsung in the near future.

source: Galaxyclub


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