Safari is faster on iOS 6, according to benchmarks

Safari is faster on iOS 6, according to benchmarks
Before we begin, we have to mention that benchmark results and real-life performance are two different things. Yet tech enthusiasts like to run synthetic tests on their hardware and software anyway, just to see what they are theoretically capable of.

With that out of the way, it has been discovered that Safari on iOS 6 achieves better benchmark scores that it does on iOS 5. Most notably, there is a 17% increase in handling JavaScript, as tested with the Sunspider 0.9.1 benchmark. In addition, Safari's HTML5test benchmark results are over 11% higher on iOS 6. The CSS3 tests delivered a score of 57%, which is a slight increase versus the 52% that the browser can achieve on iOS 5. All tests were performed on an iPhone 4S.

At its root, the browser is based on the same WebKit version, and still has a limitation of 8 windows opened at once. However, the developer who performed the tests notes that the UI has been tweaked, and as a whole, the experience feels more streamlined.

So yeah, good news for iPhone and iPad web browsing. Now all we have to do is sit tight and wait patiently until iOS 6 is released, so we can experience the difference ourselves.

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