SD Association devising a standard to include NFC chips in future microSD cards

SD Association devising a standard to include NFC chips in future microSD cards
The SD Association, which is a standardization body for the SD memory cards, is planning to devise a standard to insert NFC chips in the next generation of SD and microSD cards. Technically this is already been done by companies like Netcom, but having a standard means future products will be uniform and play well with others.

The development of such smart-chip technology to be inserted into SD cards will be done in partnership with GlobalPlatform, which standardizes secure application management.

Now that would be an interesting development, since the billions of handsets without NFC connectivity will be graced with the dubious capabilities to spend your money even easier, just by tapping at the checkout counter.

We kid, NFC is useful for many reasons other than the Google Wallets of this world, such as serving like an access card for residential buildings or offices, jumping on the subway train, and snatching info off movie posters or landmark labels.

via Engadget



1. rendHELL

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hmmmm... interesting.... wonder what will happen..

2. ILikeBubbles

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me likey!

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