Rumors: HTC Eye selfie phone and HTC Windows-based phablet

We've been hearing about HTC and Microsoft being in great relations for a while now and rumors, regarding HTC's roadmap for this year, have been suggesting that there will be more Windows Phone devices coming from the manufacturer, covering different price points.

Of course, we already saw the arrival of HTC One (M8) for Windows, though, the rumor mill suggests that this is only the beginning. News website GantDaily states that HTC is preparing a phablet-sized device, running Microsoft's OS.

Now, we are expecting HTC to announce another phablet this fall – possibly in November, according to leakster @upleaks – which would fall in-line with its release strategy from last year – the One was released in Q1 2013, while the One Max came out in Q4 2013. While the new phablet is expected to be this year's equivalent of the One Max – powered by Android, no doubt – this new rumor begs the question – could HTC possibly be planning to do the same thing they did with the One (M8) and release two versions of the same device – one sporting Android, and the other – Windows Phone? And if so – would there be a few months between the two variants' launches, like with the One (M8)?

Another upcoming device that has been whispered about, is a selfie-centered phone, dubbed (according to rumors and probably a code-name) the HTC Eye. @upleaks has posted a few intermittent tweets about the device, suggesting that it will come with a 5.2” 1080p display, which would give us a highly detailed picture with a pixel density of ~424 PPI. Further @upleaks rumors say it would be powered by a Snapdragon 801 SoC; come in red, white, and blue color choices; and offer a unique selfie-stand accessory.

The leakster also talks about an M8_Eye, which should not be confused with the selfie-centered Eye, but is an M8 with an upgraded, 13 MP Duo Camera. How much of that is true remains to be seen.
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