Rumor: Google Nexus 6 may not exist at all

Google Nexus 6 may not exist at all
It’s definitely not the first time we hear that Google may drop the Nexus brand in the future, but we’re still expecting at least one new Nexus smartphone (aka Nexus 6) to be released this year. However, @evleaks is now saying that “there is no Nexus 6”, and that we should say farewell to the Nexus series. He continues by mentioning that “there's a silver lining to this cloud” - which means that Google’s rumored Silver Certification program could be real.

What’s Silver Certification? Well, it's supposed to be a new Google program which encourages the company’s hardware partners to build high-end devices with a limited number of non-Google apps. Last we heard, LG and Motorola were willing to join this program.

Of course, we can’t be sure of anything until official details about this arrive.

The last two Nexus smartphones, the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 (both manufactured by LG), offered - and still offer - great value for the money, so lots of customers are certainly looking forward to seeing a sequel this year. We seriously hope there will be one, even if it turns out that it’s not called Nexus 6.

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