Reverse cell phone lookups can stop annoying calls in their tracks

Reverse cell phone lookups can stop annoying calls in their tracks
One of the great things about technology is that advances are often made in response to problems we all face. Before caller IDwas invented, there was no real way to tell who was on the other end ofa phone call, short of calling the operator and asking. Now, with cellphones, a degree of that anonymity is now back since most phone booksdon’t bother listing cell phone numbers along side land line numbers.Thankfully, reverse cell phone lookups allow you to pinpoint the ownerof a phone number, even if it belongs to a cell phone, and it onlytakes a few seconds to perform.

A reverse cell phone lookup uses all of the public record informationcurrently on the Internet to “figure out” who is on the other end ofany phone number. It doesn’t matter if it is a telemarketer botheringyou during your dinner or a prank phone call trying to get a rise outof you. The power of a reverse call phone lookup can help to locate thetrue owner of any phone number. The most powerful reverse phone lookups are only a simple google search away.

What sort of information can you expect from a reverse cell phone lookup? In most cases, you’ll be able to get the name thatthe phone number is registered to, in addition to several other piecesof information, including an address, a company name and sometimes evenan email address. Since cell phone numbers aren’t registered with thelocal phone book, you really have no other way to protect yourself fromannoying phone calls, other than through a reverse cell phone lookup.You can protect yourself, your family and your phone bill by catchingand ending annoying phone calls before they become a huge problem witha reverse cell phone lookup.

A reverse cell phone lookup can not only save you from dozens ofannoying phone calls, it can help you sleep through the night knowingthat you won’t be awoken by prank callers or by unsolicited salescalls.

Here are a few available options:



1. La VergaEnmascarada unregistered

nice, that is why we have *67

2. unregistered

*69 maybe :)

3. vzw fanboy unregistered

i have caller id at my house and when an at&t person calls it says the account holders name and then number on the screen, but when my verizon peeps call me it says new york call and then the number...has anyone else noticed this?

4. unregistered

yes verizon blocks there subscribers information as they feel that it is their duty to not give it out. It will never say the actually callers name just the state they are calling from.

6. vzw fanboy unregistered

i think its cool saying which state you live in, but i would like it better if it said the account holder name, wouldnt you?

8. iff2mastamatt unregistered

It's an option.

10. unregistered

thats not true at all. if you want your info to appear verizon can do it, you just have to ask

5. unregistered

the prank caller will more than likely block his/her number, but if they dont u also try

7. unregistered

that's been around for awhile. so this article's topic is kinda old.

9. unregistered

Note - anything much past the city information (like WHOSE NUMBER) is NOT free. Ultimate Phone Directory gives out carrier information, but it got my carrier wrong - I switched a few years back & it gave my old one.

15. shellyagal

Posts: 1; Member since: Jun 12, 2010

It’s always better to use a website that provides paid reverse cell phone lookup services; since it needs a lot of money to maintain a proper cell phone number database. And, so those who claim to conduct cell phone lookup at free of cost are all bogus; they charges money afterward. There are several sites that provide the most reliable fast and accurate result for minimum charges. You may use AAfter to get a comprehensive list of such sites. Just put the number in the search box and get it done.

18. LawrenceTucson

Posts: 2; Member since: Jan 23, 2012

But look at this one, it´s not paid at all and works as a database entered by users: http:/

19. LawrenceTucson

Posts: 2; Member since: Jan 23, 2012

17. matt177d unregistered

This is a great article. I had a telemarketer that would not stop calling. They would call during dinner, late at night, while I was at work. It was ruining my life. I found this site: and decided to look up their info. After that, I threatened to report them and they stopped instantly. Telemarketers can really take their toll on you if you let them!

20. phonesearcher

Posts: 1; Member since: Apr 18, 2012

If its a cell number calling you, there is little chance of tracing the owner. You can try different free reverse phone lookups but the chances I would say 50/50 to get the correct name of the caller. Source:

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