Results: how much storage do you realistically need on your phone?

Yeah, that's a painful topic — phone storage. Especially if you are an iPhone user, though thankfully, Apple upped their entry level phones and tablets to starting off with 32 GB last year. Now that was a relief. As you well know, some manufacturers out there may offer storage expansion via microSD, but some big companies like Apple and Google refuse to give in — they don't want to risk user experience by putting part of it in the hands of 3rd party SD card makers, presumably.

Anyway, since some phones out there are still sold in storage tiers, it's likely that you spent some time thinking about how much space you realistically need the last time you made a handset purchase. And we thought we'd ask you what conclusion you came to. Kind of unsurprising, the bulk of answers settled on 64 GB. That's a pretty good sweet spot for smartphones right now — a regular user can easily fit a bunch of apps and pictures on their handset and still have plenty of room to spread around. Google's Photos and various music streaming services (a-la Spotify) help people keep most of their stuff in the cloud, but it's always nice to have that you have a high threshold before you need to start to worry about deleting on-device content.

How much storage do you realistically need on your phone?

I can do with 8 GB
16 GB is doable
32 GB is fine for me
64 GB is just right
128 GB, just in case
256 GB is barely enough, amirite?
Even more!

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