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Results: do you like Super Mario Run?

Super Mario Run: yay or nay?
Last week, we finally got Nintendo's hyped mobile game — Super Mario Run. Whether because it featured one of gaming's most iconic characters, because Apple hyped it, or a combination of both, the game had a reasonable amount of anticipation built up around it. The title is not without its drawbacks as an auto-runner that happens to cost $10, but it's definitely well-made and does pay homeage to the classic title we all know and love.

Indeed, it looks, plays, and sounds like a Mario game, and makes you feel like you are doing a speedrun of the levels, instead of giving you a jarring feeling of lack of control over the character. There's also the side mission of hunting for special-colored, hidden coins, which is sure to entice old-school purists to replay the levels over and over. A competitive "Race" mode also has its allure, though, it's not a clear-cut mano a mano ordeal, but you get to race other players' "ghosts" that mimic their "style" instead of the actual way they play through the level.

iOS users have already had the chance to play and evaluate the game, while Android players will have to wait for an undisclosed amount of time, reportedly because of Nintendo's piracy concerns. No matter which camp you are in, what do you think of Super Mario Run?

Do you like Super Mario Run?

Tried it, didn't like it
Tried it, loved it, bought it
I like it, but no way I am spending $10 on it
I don't have an iOS device, would love to try the game
I don't have an iOS device, I don't care for the game

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