Report: Updates soon to be pushed out to HTC's Windows Phone 8 models

Report: Updates soon to be pushed out to HTC's Windows Phone 8 models
On this sleepy Saturday comes news that Taiwan based HTC is ready to push out updates for its Windows Phone 8 models. That means of course, the HTC Windows Phone 8X and the HTC Windows Phone 8S. The updates take some of the system apps to new builds. For example, Beats Audio is updated to version 3.5 from 3.4, Attentive Phone is updated to version 2.5, and Regulatory goes up to version 1.3.

Attentive Phone lets the phone respond to intelligent commands based on the environment. For example, "Pocket Mode" uses the proximity sensor to determine if the phone is in your pocket, and if so, raises the volume of the ringer so you can hear it. It also allows you to place your phone face down in the middle of a call to turn on the speakerphone. Do the same thing while the phone is ringing, and the ringer will be muted. If you usually leave the phone on a desk, you can set it to ring loudly when a call is received, until you pick up the device in your hands which will automatically lower the ringing.

Beats Audio is integrated with the HTC models to "provide an exceptional audio experience on your phone," and Regulatory shows regulatory information for your model. As you can see, nothing spectacular on its face, but it does show that HTC continues to improve its devices even while it is the midst of turmoil.

source: WindowsPhoneItaly (translated) via WPCentral

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