Report: Samsung having (no) yield problems with the Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner

Report: Samsung having yield problems with the Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner
UPDATE: Samsung has reached out with a statement, which makes it clear the whole story below isn't true. Here's the statement by Samsung HQ: "CrucialTec does not supply fingerprint scanner to Samsung Electronics." There you have it, guys - short and to the point - there will be enough fingerprint sensors for all!

A report out of Korea on Monday says that Samsung is having yield issues with the fingerprint scanner that is earmarked for use on the just announced Samsung Galaxy S5. According to the report, Samsung has turned to a third party producer and is said to be in negotiations with a company called Crucialtec to provide the fingerprint scanners for the Galaxy S5. Circletec is the largest manufacturer of mobile Optical Track Pads and produces a line of fingerprint scanners. There is also talk that Samsung is talking with the company to outfit the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with a biometrics package as well.

Various rumors last year had a fingerprint scanner coming to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, but that idea was dropped and reports say the blame should be placed on a third party supplier whose scanner could not pass Quality Assurance at Samsung. Now, Samsung's own in-house design is apparently failing and to make matters worse, the company has promised the biometrics feature on its new flagship with an April 11th release date drawing ever so closer.

Korean media characterizes this incident as "embarrassing" for Samsung. That might be, but if not rectified soon the more accurate description might be "desperation". Like TouchID on the Apple iPhone 5s, Samsung is embedding the scanner in the home button of the Samsung Galaxy S5.

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source: Daum (translated) via GforGames

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