Report: Samsung has difficulties producing the all-metal Galaxy A5 and A3

Report: Samsung has difficulties producing the all-metal Galaxy A5 and A3
Last month, when Samsung announced the Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A3, it said that the smartphones - both part of the brand new Galaxy A series - would be released starting November (this month) in China and other “select markets.”

According to SamMobile, the two new handsets will be available only in Asia first. Why is that? Well, it’s said that Samsung is having some problems with manufacturing the Galaxy A5 and A3, since both come with all-metal, unibody designs. More exactly, the A5 and A3 are suffering from low production yields. Reportedly, at some point, only about 50% of the handsets produced have met Samsung’s quality requirements. This seemingly has a lot to do with the fact that Samsung isn’t too experienced when it comes to manufacturing full-metal smartphones. As you may know, most of Samsung’s smartphones have plastic bodies (sure, the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Alpha have metal edges, but their backs are still made out of plastic material).

Both the Galaxy A5 and A3 are ultra-slim (6.7 mm and 6.9 mm, respectively), being powered by quad-core Snapdragon 410 processors, and running Android KitKat. You can check out a detailed specs comparison between the two smartphones here. Samsung didn’t reveal the prices of its new handsets. However, we heard that the A5 may cost more than $400 (with the A3 being cheaper, of course). Are you looking forward to buying any of the two?

source: SamMobile

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