Asus renders show yet another notchless way for a phone to be all screen

Asus renders show yet another notchless way for a phone to be all screen
It appears that Asus is testing a dual-slider phone, according to renders contained in tweets disseminated today by tipster Evan Blass. One of the unnamed handsets supports 5G and features a large edge-to-edge screen in front. On back, there is a dual-camera setup. The top slider houses a pair of selfie snappers including a 120-degree wide-angle lens. The bottom slider carries a Harman Kardon speaker, and the handset could feature an in-display fingerprint scanner. According to Blass, the person who designed this render was a member of the team that created the Asus ZenFone 5.

Other renders tweeted by Blass today show a different Asus phone with a similar dual-slider form factor. While the top slider on this other model also hosts a pair of selfie cameras, the bottom slider would be used to show contextual virtual controls and buttons. With the top slider open exposing the front-facing cameras, we would see virtual controls appear similar to what is shown in the render, including a shutter button. Other times, different buttons and sliders would be available depending on what the phone was being used for. This model features a rear-facing fingerprint scanner.

We have seen a number of different ideas peddled lately by phone manufacturers looking to improve the screen-to-body-ratio of their handsets without having to resort to a notch. ZTE recently showed off a couple of concept phones with edge-to-edge displays. One render depicts the Axon V with a dedicated panel jutting out from the side, containing a pair of selfie snappers and other front-facing sensors. The Axon S render shows a phone with a side-sliding panel that has cameras on both sides that would be used for both regular photos and selfies. As a result, the back panel is completely clean, an usual but interesting look.

Later this month, the Oppo Reno is expected to be introduced. This device uses a motorized wedge that comes out of the top of the phone. The wedge contains the phone's selfie camera and a flash.

Based in Taiwan, Asus does sell some of its handsets in the U.S. Therefore, it is possible that if it does produce a 5G dual slider, the phone could be available with support for some U.S. carriers.

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