Rekordbox DJ app from Pioneer now allows for Dropbox cloud syncing

Rekordbox DJ app from Pioneer now allows for Dropbox cloud syncing
Pioneer is a DJ's most well-known brand, makers of flagship DJ music-mixing equipment, often used in clubs worldwide. But aside from products for professionals, Pioneer also offers software that enthusiasts can enjoy too, in this case - Rekordbox.

Rekordbox is an app compatible with all Pioneer DJ hardware and available for Windows and macOS, with an accompanying mobile app that allows for tweaking of memory cues and loops, among other features, available to Android and iOS users.

On the other hand, the desktop Rekordbox app is a complete DJ software platform, letting DJs manage their music, and perform live.

Now Pioneer has partnered with cloud service Dropbox to let users sync their library and access it from multiple devices, with subscription plans available at prices of up to $14.99 per month. There is a discount to those subscription plans at the moment however, lowering the Creative plan to $9.99 until July 13th. In addition, a 30-day free trial is also available to new users, with an option to cancel anytime.

Even for enthusiasts, apps like that are always fun to play around with, especially now, when many are cooped up at home. And while services like Netflix and Disney+ are enjoying a boost in subscription rates due to most people turning to online entertainment, passing the time through exploring one's creativity could be a fun alternative.

There are also more enthusiast-oriented and fully-functional mobile DJ apps out there, such as edjing, available at $9 for both Android and iOS users, and DJ Studio 5, which is only on Android and features a free demo.

For full-blown music production on your phone or tablet, I would recommend FL Studio Mobile on Android, priced at $15, and the free iPad and iPhone exclusive GarageBand. Both apps approach music making differently, but are fairly easy to pick up and use, especially the latter.

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