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RIM says that video will unlikely become the next "killer app"

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RIM says that video will unlikely become the next

As more consumers take the plunge in ditching the usual cell phone in favor of smartphones, there is this underlying fear among network providers about how they are able to sustain the growing insatiable appetite for data connectivity. Thankfully 3G has become widely available to a good portion of the total global subscribers, but we're already at a point where it may prove too much for network providers to keep up. With 4G networks up and running already, there is now a focus on video connectivity that is expected to supplant itself as premier choice of communication for consumers.

One of the big time players in the smartphone world, RIM, has some doubts about how video will become the “killer app” that will catapult smartphones to the next level. They believe that it will choke the airwaves and that it will require additional development to efficiently deliver the service properly so that it doesn't strain the network providers. Not only does video calling look to be a contributing issue, but streaming high-definition videos to smartphones will also be a catalyst in triggering choppy service and dropped calls.

During a conference hosted by a unit of Toronto Dominion Bank, RIM's co-CEO Mike Lazaridis said, “I still don't know and I don't think anyone knows if video is a killer app for smartphones. I don't particularly think it is.” When talk came around to how video will affect network performance, Lazaridis said, “If you think that today's 3G as a browsing experience is a challenge to these data networks, imagine what a video streaming or download experience is going to be as these screens start to look like HD televisions in terms of resolutions.”

source: Reuters

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