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RIM planning on upgraded camera for BlackBerry Essex?

This article contains unofficial information.

RIM planning on upgraded camera for BlackBerry Essex?
According to the Cool-Guy Report, RIM might be planning on upgrading the camera on the BlackBerry Essex. This info is coming from the same person who has been making all of those great videos about the Storm 2 that have excited many BlackBerry fans and current Storm owners. The Essex, which we reported on recently as a Wi-Fi enabled version of the Tour, is expected to also feature a trackpad. There is some talk of this also working with a touchscreen. As far as the new camera is concerned, the "Cool-Guy" stresses that what he saw was a pre-production model, so things could change. But if they don't, and the Essex is outfitted with an upgraded optical set, it could be the sign that all 'Berry's to follow will likewise be so equipped.

source: TheCoolGuyReport

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