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  • RIM CEO Thorsten Heins has a whole team examining iOS and Android devices

RIM CEO Thorsten Heins has a whole team examining iOS and Android devices

Posted: , by Nick T.

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RIM CEO Thorsten Heins has a whole team examining iOS and Android devices
Those of you who have been following the news closely probably know that Thorsten Heins is now leading the company in distress that RIM currently is. He will be the one responsible for bringing RIM back on its feet after a very disappointing in terms of financials 2011. And to accomplish that feat, the proper execution of the PlayBook 2.0 platform, as well as the timely introduction of BlackBerry 10 smartphones, will be of utmost importance.

Of course, RIM will be facing strong competition along the way, the toughest rivals being iOS and Android. However, the Canadian tech company's newly appointed CEO is more than willing to familiarize himself with the competition's offerings, the main reason for that being knowing how would a BlackBerry fare against them. Here is what Heins stated in regards to himself trying out iOS and Android devices during a recent interview with CrackBerry:

Oh I do this on a regular basis. First I have a whole team that constantly checks all the devices that are on the market, and I pick them specifically when I get told that our device kind of doesn't sell against this one and I do my own testing. Frankly I use my son and my daughters as well, they're pretty decent BlackBerry testers and they're tech fiends, so I hand some stuff to them and ask them what they think and they give me plenty of good ideas. I have to do this; you need to know where you are. 

Currently, RIM holds about 16.6 percent of the U.S. smartphone market, trailing behind Android with 46.9 percent and iOS with 28.7 percent. And while BlackBerry handsets are still common among enterprises, they have seriously lost their appeal among consumers. Knowing what RIM has been missing on would definitely be of help towards reinventing its identity with its BlackBerry 10 devices, thus recapturing some of that lost ground. Perhaps, that was a point that the company's former duo of co-CEOs were not willing to acknowledge? 

source: CrackBerry

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posted on 27 Jan 2012, 04:41 8

1. drahmad (Posts: 480; Member since: 20 Aug 2011)

good. but.....................................just catching up to competition wont work, i guess. You need to leap....

posted on 27 Jan 2012, 06:08 3

6. protozeloz (Posts: 5396; Member since: 16 Sep 2010)

Why you got thumbs Down? what you say its true being as good ad the competition is not helping wp and I don't think rim has that much money to burn

posted on 27 Jan 2012, 06:59 1

10. PimpStrong (Posts: 310; Member since: 25 Jul 2011)

I can't see the thumbs down either. I agree.

posted on 27 Jan 2012, 07:09

11. messiah (Posts: 438; Member since: 19 Feb 2010)

Um... Thorsten is basing his market research on his two kids, not what 75.6% of the user base is enjoying about the two lead os. What a dumb ass

posted on 27 Jan 2012, 10:43 3

18. digicon (Posts: 121; Member since: 11 Aug 2011)

Ok . Where do you work ? . . McDonalds I suppose . . .

posted on 27 Jan 2012, 22:13

21. XiphiasGladius (Posts: 813; Member since: 21 Aug 2011)

Because kids can tinker any device that they can hold better than any adults. I know you know that fact right. . .

posted on 27 Jan 2012, 07:25 2

12. JeffdaBeat (unregistered)

Although I'm not the source of your thumbs down, I do think it would be a major step if RIM got to the level of Android and iOS. Of course that won't save them, but if RIM can get on their level, they'd be able to debut some awesome devices. Passing them...I'm not sure that's going to happen.

posted on 27 Jan 2012, 08:55

13. TKFox007 (Posts: 303; Member since: 02 Nov 2010)

They need a quantum leap is what they need

posted on 27 Jan 2012, 04:42 1

2. drahmad (Posts: 480; Member since: 20 Aug 2011)

OR make me RIM CEO :-D

posted on 27 Jan 2012, 04:47

3. InternetsTroll (Posts: 38; Member since: 26 Jan 2012)

and then, patent wars.

posted on 27 Jan 2012, 04:56

4. rashod (Posts: 13; Member since: 24 Nov 2011)

I think Blackberry is good for the fashion and business people those who have trow money,

posted on 27 Jan 2012, 06:09

7. protozeloz (Posts: 5396; Member since: 16 Sep 2010)

Ha! Most BB cost around the same or less than most its android competition

posted on 27 Jan 2012, 05:50

5. bigdawg23 (Posts: 462; Member since: 25 May 2011)

Clearly based on the technology they are putting in the BB they must be examining the iPhone 3G and G1 as what to compete against. I mean really its 2012 and they still do not have a dual core processor phone or a decent camera.

posted on 27 Jan 2012, 06:41 3

8. Jericho (unregistered)

Blackberry is has a class of its own. Blackberry does't need dual core neither does iphone nor windows phone its just because websites(not only phonearena) like these that tell you in thier reviews and articles that the hardware is outdated. What do you wanna do on a dual core when your single core gives you the same performance as dual core. Examples would be whether you like it or not single core processor windows phone/iphone is much smoother than android's dual core its all about the software(which fools like you don't want) not the hardware(which show off people like you guys want)

posted on 27 Jan 2012, 06:56

9. PimpStrong (Posts: 310; Member since: 25 Jul 2011)

"What MAKES them so POPULAR!?!?"

posted on 27 Jan 2012, 09:03 2

14. speckledapple (Posts: 892; Member since: 29 Sep 2011)

I think this may be a problem because if a whole team is working on the competition and figuring out what makes them popular, then where is the vision for blackberry from the CEO? If this was done before, blackberry would not be in the current position its in ( at least with general public perception about their devices).

posted on 27 Jan 2012, 09:17

15. snowgator (Posts: 3604; Member since: 19 Jan 2011)

I kinda agree. Isn't Blackberry's entire problem that they are running in place? Why not examine your position, and work from your strengths, but see where you want your products to be? Maybe we just need to give this guy a chance. RIM still has a lot of loyal customers and a ton of cash reserves.

posted on 27 Jan 2012, 10:01

16. Doakie (Posts: 2227; Member since: 06 May 2009)

I'm sorta blown away by the backlash in comments. I think too many companies trudge along not knowing the environment they're competing in. Having full teams who analyse the competition is a great idea. I wish more companies focused on the things that makes their competitors great, took those ideas and combined them then tried to improve on them. Any company who does that is bound for success.

posted on 27 Jan 2012, 10:09 2

17. toystore (Posts: 17; Member since: 16 Nov 2011)

Blackberry Didn’t lose any market , All Andorid and iOS user are coming from future phone. Because Future phone was holding major portion of phone market before iOS and android came they all move to Andorid or iOS. Android and iOS user feel that their device is awesome because they didn’t use blackberry (or Smartphone ) in past. A kid get a toy that he never use before….. Its Awesome Dad…!!!

posted on 27 Jan 2012, 11:34

19. tluv00 (Posts: 134; Member since: 18 Oct 2007)

From another article on him:

"Just take a look where the Android OEMs are," he said, saying that there's "no room for differentiation" because all of the Android devices are the same."

Interesting perspective coming from the CEO of a company whose devices all look the same, personally dropped the companies stock 13% with his introduction video and whose 2012 road map look like their 2011 (and probably even their 2010) road maps.

posted on 27 Jan 2012, 12:30

20. downphoenix (Posts: 3165; Member since: 19 Jun 2010)

Im feeling good about the new CEO, this type of change is just what is needed, I will definitely consider BB10 for my next device, depending on how it turns out.

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