Quickoffice vs. Documents To Go on the iPad

Quickoffice vs. Documents To Go on the iPad
iPads aren't notebook computers, nor were they meant to be. As evidenced by recent sales figures, consumers are nevertheless treating them as such. As so many consumers are then accessing their documents on their iPad, TUAW decided it was time to compare Documents To Go and Quickoffice.

The stock iPad application, iWork, is a clean Office alternative, but might not be the best solution. iWork costs $9.99 for each part of the Office clone applications, but both Documents To Go and Quickoffice represent a better value for the whole suite.

The first point of comparison was cloud sync. Quickoffice can sync with GoogleDocs, MobileMe, iDisk, Dropbox, public iDisk, and Box.net. Documents To Go is compatible with more services, but TUAW gave the point to Quickoffice because you can drag and drop documents, instead of enduring an annoying 'Save As' process every time.

There were some complaints with Quickoffice, such as a lack of spell-check and word-count, and the fact that it interrupts you whenever it auto-saves. In the end, TUAW still gave the win to Quickoffice for its file organization, and drag-and-drop sync.

source: TUAW

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