Secure your internet and keep your online habits private with PureVPN's exclusive deal - PhoneArena

Secure your internet and keep your online habits private with PureVPN's exclusive deal

Secure your internet connection with PureVPN's exclusive PhoneArena deal
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Now, more than ever, the internet has become a lifeline for people all over the world. TV shows and online gaming sessions gave way to work meetings and university lectures. Our whole lives are being funneled through the internet.

It’s of utmost importance then that we trust our internet connection. But your internet provider or mobile carrier can only do so much to protect you. Just a few days ago news broke that the US government wants to pass a law that would allow authorities to get your browsing history without a warrant.

One of the easiest ways to keep your internet habits to yourself and get access to a bunch of useful features is through a VPN app. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and what it does in simple terms is that it takes your traffic and reroutes it through the VPN provider’s servers. By acting as a middleman, the VPN makes it impossible for someone trying to trace the data to reach you, as they see the VPN server as the one making the requests.

There are plenty of companies that offer such services, and some of them even have free VPN options. But considering the expenses involved in running the VPN servers, one must wonder if trusting a free VPN is really a good idea. A paid VPN is a better choice but, of course, no one wants to pay for yet another expensive subscription. That’s where PureVPN comes in!

PureVPN offers exclusive 74% discount for PhoneArena users

PureVPN is a reputable VPN provider that uses military-grade encryption and thousands of servers located in more than 140 countries to give you the security and flexibility you need for every task online.

And now, PureVPN’s services are more affordable than ever! A limited-time deal has PureVPN’s 2-year subscription plan reduced by 74% to just $69. That comes down to only $2.88/month, in other words, it’s cheaper than a cup of coffee. Start your VPN subscription on the cheap from the link below:

But maybe you don’t feel like your online activities require extra effort and expense to be hidden, so what else is a VPN good for?

Stream from anywhere without annoying restrictions

One of the best features VPNs offers is that they let you choose the country from which you’ll appear to be using the internet from. This way you can use websites and services that are blocked in some regions. So, if you travel abroad but still want to use your US Netflix account, you pick the United States and voila! Or maybe you don’t live in the States at all but want to benefit from the richer options Netflix and other streaming services like Disney+ provide there. A quick switch from the PureVPN app and it’s as if you’re there.

Travelers can benefit from more than just using their homeland services. Connecting to public Wi-Fi networks at airports or cafes can be risky as those can be compromised easily. The VPN is like a tunnel that takes your data directly to where you want it to go, bypassing any potential traps along the way. 

PureVPN can secure the whole family's devices

PureVPN is not only for your smartphone either. Besides the iOS and Android apps, you can use with on your laptop or desktop PC with the Chrome or Firefox extensions. A single PureVPN account allows for 10 multi-logins. That means 10 different devices can use the service at the same time, easily covering the needs of a family of four.

And you’ll want to use it on everything too because the benefits extend beyond security. PureVPN has dedicated servers for streaming, bypassing any speed throttling your internet provider might be trying to impose. It can also benefit your gaming experience, regardless if it’s on mobile, PC or console. By reducing your ping and lag, it gives you that competitive edge you need in high-paced online games.

The mobile PureVPN client gives you plenty of options to customize the way you use it. For example, the feature Split Tunneling lets you select individual apps that will use the VPN while any other traffic will go through your default internet connection. That way you can avoid certain geo-restrictions and still receive curated content relevant to your actual location.

With PureVPN, you get unlimited bandwidth and access to all servers the company uses regardless of the plan you choose. If you want to make sure all of your traffic is secure at all times, the VPN Kill Switch feature will automatically stop your internet if the VPN server you’re using goes offline.

There’s a reason VPN apps have become so popular recently and it’s because they’ve become a necessity if we want to enjoy restriction-free and secure internet no matter where we are. Our data has become a commodity and we have to make sure we’re doing our part to keep it protected.

By taking advantage of PureVPN's amazing two-year plan deal, you can do that for just $2.88/month. Start your subscription now from the link below:

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